SANITAS spol. s r.o. Myjava, Slovak Republic


– plastic system made of polypropylene for interior water and air distribution lines in grey or green colours.

System features and benefits

– plastic piping system for interior hot and cold water distribution lines for floor heating systems, air distribution lines or other industrial and agricultural applications.
– long-term service life while keeping high utility value.
– resistant to corrosion, boiler scale and good chemical resistance.
– hygienic harmlessness.
– low weight, low thermal conductivity.
– quick, easy and clean assembly.

Range of manufactured products

Pipes – all-plastic pipes are made in diameters (pipe outer diameter) 20, 50 and 63 mm in pressure series S5 (PN 10), S3,2 (PN 16), S2,5 (PN 20).
STABI pipes are made in diameters S2,5 (PN 20), STABI OXY + S4 and GF pipes S205 (PN 20).

Fittings – all-plastic pipe fittings are made in diameters (inner diameter – flare) 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63 mm only in the pressure series S2,5 (PN 20),
– Combined products (plastic + nickel plated brass) in diameters 20, 25, 32, 40, 50 and 63 mm with brass threads with sizes of 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″, 5/4″, 6/4″ and 2″ only in the pressure series S2,5 (PN 20) as well.

Plastic fittings – plastic bodies in combination with a brass top (transition valves covered with plaster) or with a brass ball (brass cock) in diameters 20, 25, 32, 40, 50 and 63 mm, only in the pressure series S2,5 (PN 20) as well.

Declared applications

– for transport of cold and hot water, floor heating and air supply.
S5 (PN 10) – cold water distribution lines and floor heating.
S3,2 (PN 16) – cold water distribution lines with higher pressures, hot domestic water with lower pressures and air distribution lines.
S2,5 (PN 20) – hot domestic water distribution lines and

Operational conditions are described in the assembly instructions (Documents)

Certificates and standards for production

– Copies of certificates can be viewed in the certificates (Documents) section.
– ISO 9001:2015/EN ISO 9001:2015.
– EN ISO 15 874.
– ISO 3212, ISO 7279 international standards.
– DIN 8077, DIN 8078, DIN 16 962, DIN 4726 German standards.
– Technical conditions: F-120/ISO/TÚ.

Technical specifications

Material – polypropylene random copolymer for processing by and extruding with excellent welding ability.
Production technology – pipes are made by extruding while pipe fittings moulding.
Assembly – joining by poly-fusion welding.
Surface finish – pipes and pipe fittings are made in grey and green colours.
– Free metallic components are made of brass or nickel-plated brass.
– Black identification signs, red continuous line in case of the pressure series S2,5 and blue continuous line in case of the pressure series S3,2 are printed on the surface of pipes.

Supply and commercial data

Packing – pipes in polyethylene sleeves, pipe fittings in polyethylene cardboard boxes, quantity of pieces and packing method are specified in the catalogue.
Storage – covered warehouses (conditioned, clean, with protection against sunshine and frost), detailed information is mentioned in the storage instructions (Documents).

Warranty and claims

– 10-year guarantee is provided for SANITAS products.
– Welder´s certificate for poly-fusion welding is required to assert warranty conditions.
– Claim asserting procedure is described in claiming instructions (Documents)

Business and delivery conditions

– Defined separately in general and business conditions (Documents).